Up 15+ lbs, 8% Body Fat Despite Struggle to Gain Weight

Alex is an amazing guy who decided it was time to develop a more aesthetically pleasing body. He knew the importance of his image to confidence and brand. 

Interestingly enough, Alex had a great subject matter knowledge in holistic nutrition but didn’t know where to start when it came to physical aesthetics and physique. He Joined the GrindTribe with the intention of reaching his goal weight of 145lbs. 

Inside of his journey he was able to leverage our Flex Nutrition method to put on lean muscle mass in a healthy way that didn’t bog down his energy levels or create inflammation issues. 

He went from a light 128lbs to a lean 148 lbs while at 9% body fat. Alex was able to sustain results and integral lifestyle where he achieved the fine midpoint of aesthetic and longevity health.