Stronger, Leaner, More Consistent While Running A Startup

Desmond, a Father, Ex-Track Athlete and Co-Founder of a fasting growing Tech company “Battery Exchange” initially came into the program looking to get back consistent with his fitness out on a few pounds of muscle mass. 

He knew the importance of keeping his body optimized and his confidence high, it was just a matter of how. How does an extremely busy guy like himself put on some mass and get back consistent with his health without taking too much time and effort away from family and business? 

Well within weeks of implementing our Adaptive Lifestyle Method, Desmond was training 5x a week, meditating every morning and had more energy than ever. He finished up our program just over 7lbs of lean muscle while keeping under 10% body fat. 

Desmond was able to regain his capacity and the balance between his body, business and life.