A Seamless Body- Spirit Transform Alongside Launching First Brick & Mortar Business

Abraham, a multifaceted Lawyer, Entrepreneur and involved Startup Mentor came to The Grindtribe because he knew he needed to make a change with his health. 

The daily high-speed lifestyle he was living was resulting in some bad health habits. 

So he set his mind on The Grindtribe to stop playing and put some mass on and revive his energy. 

Within the first two weeks of implementing our nutrition protocol, Abrahams body worked in his favor with a gaping 15+ lbs in weight . In addition he sustained that body weight to complete our 16 Week Elite Program just over 175lbs from his initial weight of about 132. 

He completely reprogrammed his body, built his physique and was able to power through each day with more confidence and capacity then ever. 

Abraham graduated out with a newly optimized body for so he can optimize his new lifestyle.