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Sick of feeling like your major priorities and obligations don’t allow for you to take care of your body?


Want to align the body of your desire with the major goals and passion you have in life?


Want to get your confidence & self-belief back?


Think you've tried every “diet” and nothing seems to work or stick around?

Flexible meal plans

We encourage indulgment, as that is part of a “lifestyle.” With our intermiitent fasting and “green smoothie a day” regiment, you will be able to induldge at a comfortable rate. 

12 week transformation

All you need is 12 weeks with Hustle and we will transform your body!

  • Whether you’re an on-the-go entrepreneur, music artist or super  dad, our programs are built specifically to your goals and lifestyle.
  • The tools you need to build a consistent routine for success
  • Hollisitc nutrition approach! No carb cutting or “punishment” diets.
  • Learn the how to build healthy eating habits while on the go!

Daily Support

You will have continous message support directly to your coach as well as be placed in a small community of invidivuals pursuing the same goals as you. All through the custom Hustle fitness app.

“My coach Elijah was very flexible with my work schedule and held me accountable with my personal fitness goals. From start to finish I lost around 40 lbs since training with Hustle Aesthetic”

~ Donte Chavers

“Elijah helped me make sustainable, healthy life style adjustments that didn’t require any gimmicks or unrealistic changes. I was struggling with weight gain and stress due to some major recent events and changes in my life, and he helped me regain control by developing healthier habits. I lost over 15 pounds in eight weeks and am more confident than I’ve ever been with my control over my health and fitness!”

~ Billy Phitakoun

“The habits I learned can help any busy professional overcome the excuse of being “too busy” to exercise or eat healthy! This 12 week program also me confidence that I can continue this to train and being conscious of what I put into my body”

~ Dan Buckmaster


Balance doesn’t exist but alignment is attainable

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