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Case Studies 

Abrahram Williamson

Abraham came Across the Wakana Vibrabranium in his Transformation.

Desmond Wiggan

Bulking while running a Tech Startup? Hell Yeah Desmond Did it!

Alex Bar

From slim to Lean Boss! How Alex gained 20lbs and got to 9% Body Fat in 16 Weeks.

Desmond Guidroz

Desmond Decided Settling for Less Isn’t an option.


“The GrindTribe really gave me that foundation piece I was looking for. Having a system that I can work with day in and day out as opposed to reading different articles about the last new tactic to build muscle was paramount for me.”

Wadnes Castelly

Brand Partnerships, Spotify

“This 12-week program has made me more self-aware of my bad habits, good habits, and being more attentive to the mental aspect of holistic fitness.”

Adrian Figueroa


“As a business consultant and certified personal trainer. I must say this is one of the most useful tailored roadmaps I’ve ever followed. Elijah knows what he’s talking about and has spent a lot of time on his craft. “

Ryan Williams

“The habits I learned can help any busy professional overcome the excuse of being “too busy” to exercise or eat healthy! This 12-week program also gave me confidence that I can continue this to train and being conscious of what I put in my diet!”

James Moise

“Seeing the effect that a clean diet, consistent working out, and meditation routine can have (not only in my personal life but in my business too) has been truly eye-opening.”

Melyon Smith

CEO, Broken Chain Marketing

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